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“…just looking at my mother’s home and all of its contents was overwhelming, and without your highly professional assistance, what could have been a monstrous and very unpleasant job, ended up being a pleasant and very interesting experience. There is no doubt in our minds that you approach the effort professionally, and the entire thing was handled no differently. Plain and simple, your skill and experience in this area is nothing short of true professionalism. The staff you brought along with you also helped us through this very difficult time. It is remarkable how every one of you turned the home into a temporary antique shop, with all of the displays and “feel” that you would expect in entering such a store. Thank you. Your help will never be forgotten.”

– Bob Schleuter, Director, Traverse City Area Agency on Aging

“From the minute we met Judy we were totally sold on her knowledge, professionalism and honesty. Each staff member brought a unique skill and style which we loved. They all love their work and it shows. It was AMAZING to watch SimplySales take such a huge project like ours (contents of 2 large homes representing the personal belongings of 4 adults, and the contents of a retired gift shop and art gallery) and create such a beautiful artistic display for people to enjoy as they walked thru the house. It was like a cocoon transformed into a butterfly! An AWESOME job. We were totally pleased from start to finish. We would gladly recommend SimplySales to anyone.”

– Bob & Amy Schmidt

“My wife and I have no hesitation in giving Judy Albaugh and her staff the highest recommendation to anyone contemplating an estate or moving sale. Our experience was nothing but good. Judy and her people are real professionals. They know the value of almost everything and if they don’t know they take great pains to find out. Some of the items we regarded as having little value brought astonishing prices. The sale brought a lot more money than we expected. And it saved us a lot of hard work that we wouldn’t want to undertake. Judy is the greatest!”

– Larry Wakefield, Area historian and author

“I had Judy of SimplySales take on the huge task of my late Uncle’s estate sale. There were three properties – two adjacent and one across Big Glen Lake in Glen Arbor. These homes were the better part of a century old, and were full to bursting with everything imaginable. My Grandparents had lived there and their effects had been laboriously preserved, in boxes, closets, and attics. The task took most of the summer to nally sort and price for sale. Judy and her crew were amazing, professional and calm in the face of an overwhelming job. The sale went flawlessly. Everything sold for the price asked, which was amazing in itself – no haggling! I could never in a million years have been able to accomplish what they did. Thanks to Judy, everything dear to my family has a happy new home. That may sound trite, but with my family members scattered across the globe, it’s the truth. Thank you so much Judy. You Rock!”

– Bruce Byerly

“I was confronted with the daunting task of liquidating the estates of my three elderly aunts, who had been extremely successful business women in mid-Michigan. I sought and received Judy Albaugh’s name from a senior officer of Huntington Bank’s local Traverse City office. Throughout the entire complex process, Judy not only provided me with sound counsel and reputable contacts, but demonstrated her innovative organizational, creative and sales skills, including packing and transporting the estates’ large and diverse furnishings, antiques, art, crystal, china and glassware from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to a more lucrative market in Traverse City. She conducted the task with thoroughness, insight, good humor, fairness, and integrity. I highly recommend Judy and her firm, SimplySales, for your estate liquidation needs.”

– John Bock

“I would highly recommend SimplySales to anyone having to deal with the intricacies of selling personal property for an estate. Judy tended to all the details, including knowing where and how to advertise, the value of antiques and collectibles, and furnishing paperwork for dealing with the probate court. I previewed the sale the day before it opened and I was amazed. The attention to detail was awesome. Everything was cleaned and beautifully displayed. Because of this, the result was better than I could have imagined. Nearly everything was then sold. She was so considerate of the complexities of what was a very emotional and stressful time, and was most pleasant to work with. ”

– Sally Carr

“Judy and staff was like sighting land from a sinking ship! Despite their heavy schedule and lack of time, Judy and her “elves” gave us a gracious and enjoyable estate/moving sale. We had the chore of emptying three households and three outbuildings. They were filled with collections of 75 years and four generations – a rather monumental task. SimplySales made a valiant and successful effort under the duress and pressure and accomplished the job beautifully. Kudos to Judy and her staff for a unique and lovely sale – way beyond our expectations!!”

– Lee Stephenson

“In moving to smaller housing, I wanted everything in my home sold. Judy and staff cleaned, beautifully displayed everything and handled the whole thing quickly and effectively. I didn’t have to do any of it (advertising, pricing, etc.) Thank you for an excellent job, Judy and the whole gang.”

– Jeanne Gelston

“SimplySales handled the estate of my brother-in-law. I cannot stress enough how wonderful Judy and her staff was during this tragic time. The sale was conducted very professionally and the results were terrific. I would reccommend Simply Sales to anybody. Outstanding good job, Judy! Thanks again.”

– Faye Miller

Hard to believe the miracle Judy and her wonderful staff worked, turning a challenging tag sale into a grand success. Judy exhibited a dedicated, composed and caring professional attitude toward an event that was successful beyond all expectations. Believe it or not, I miss all of the fun, humor, demands and above all their kindness and friendship. Somehow I think my guardian angel sent them to help me in a most difficult time.”

– Jewell Wyman

“Judy and her gang made what for me would have been a daunting, wrenching experience (disposing of a lifetime of acquisitions / possessions) swift and painless. They were tenacious, sensitive and efficient. They transformed my turn of 2 centuries home into an appealing antique shoppe perfect for displaying and commanding top dollar for my merchandise. I was pleased with the amount of the check I received. We began as business associates and ended as friends…

– Evelyn Rowden

“SimplySales handled the estate sale for me of my mother’s things. I was extremely pleased with them. Their knowledge of the value of items, their pleasant way, their talent in the way things were displayed, and their willingness to work with the family was very commendable. I was also impressed with their integrity and I would recommend them in the future if such a need arises.”

– Arlene Tremain

“We needed help with an elderly friend’s accumulation of 80+ years worth of “belongings”. Judy and her staff were friendly, knowledgeable and expedient in this endeavor. Judy’s the kind of person that we felt instantly comfortable with and in a week or two, we felt like she was truly a friend, helpful and friendly in every detail. Because this endeavor was so huge and because we had no idea how to price, we were thankful beyond words to have found Judy!”

– Joanne Sparks

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