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Trust Simply Sales to not only flawlessly execute a successful estate or downsizing sale, but also make it a good experience for your loved ones. Benefit from our solid industry experience, highly personalized approach, and local reputation with over 25 years in the Traverse City area. We are simply the most organized, detailed, and avid neat-niks in the business.

With a creative background in art, interior design, and antiques, we stage boutique shopping experiences that far surpass a “garage sale” aesthetic.  Our ability to gauge fair market value and current trends also allows us us to maximize each sale to its full potential.

We understand that a lifetime of memories can be difficult to part with. We are here to help you, every step of the way.

“Thanks to Judy, everything dear to my family has a happy new home.” – Bruce Byerly

How does it work?

  • Free Evaluation
    Judy is happy to first provide a free initial evaluation of your needs, visiting your property in person to view the contents and answer any questions you may have regarding staffing, pricing, staging, and more.  An eventual contract agreement will detail all the provisions of the sale.
  • Staging Your Sale
    Most estate sales are done on-site at the property location. Known for their creativity and attention to detail, the Simply Sales team specializes in creating impeccably staged “pop-up” boutiques.  We’ll also furnish associated supplies from payment processing to shopping bags.
  • Promoting Your Sale
    Our extensive customer email list always attracts lots of local collectors and dealers on the lookout for a special find. From our signature color flyers to social media promotions, we also utilize any additional channels necessary to maximize your proceeds.
  • The big day
    Most sales are held Sat-Sun, because weekends tend to attract more shoppers.  On the day of your sale, professionally made signage will help point people in the right direction and attract passers-by. Boosted events on Facebook and more will continue to get the word out.
  • After the sale is over…
    From display materials to tables, our team will remove all Simply Sales supplies within a few days. We can also recommend a service that can conduct a full clean-out of your home. We can coordinate pickup by charities as well, but they do not accept nearly as much as they used to. We’ll clarify all this at our first interview with you.
  • Your Profits
    Our knowledge of fair market value and current trends maximizes your sale’s potential. Management fees are determined by the amount of sorting, cleaning, appraisal research, and more needed to complete your estate sale. We’re ethical and upfront partners that you can totally trust to get results.

We handle it all for you.

Wait – don’t throw it out!

True story: One of our clients had an original, modern painting. She did not care for it and advised us to “toss it in the dumpster”. However, we knew it was a substantial work. Judy researched it and eventually sent it to Christie’s Auction house in NYC, where it sold for $6,000.

Selling something big?

If your home is for sale, we can help market it along with your estate or downsizing sale by adding the relevant listing details to flyers, online promotions, and more.

We can also easily include cars, boats, motorcycles or campers in our sales, and handle all the paperwork for title transfers.

Shea Petaja of Prout Financial Design does helpful “Retirement Radio” thought pieces on Traverse City’s local WTCM radio. In “Who Wants Your Stuff?”, she talks with Judy about Simply Sales’ process for helping you part with a lifetime of memories.

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